Dhond P.A.
Born in 1908 in Ratnagiri, P.A. Dhond is considered as one of the leading water-colorists of India. He chose the medium of watercolor for his transparent, yet fascinating depiction of various moods of nature. Though not against experimentation, he disapproved of the tendency to branch out when the fundamentals were not clear. What turned the course of his artistic life was seeing the water colors of Russel Flint, whose oeuvre consisted of seascapes, much like those Dhond grew up around in Malvan, Maharashtra.

Dhond constantly worked at renewing his art and travelled to enrich his work. At the age of 92, he visited the Kerala backwaters and had almost completed his series on what is known as Godís own country at the time of his death. His work consists of 7,000 landscapes, spanning over seven decades.

His paintings are exhibited in San Francisco, Berlin, Munich, South Africa, Kabul, Ankara, China and Russia. At home, through the All India Arts & Craft Society, Delhi; Bhau Daji Museum; Lalit Kala Academy; Vidhan Bhavan,Bombay; Nagpur Museum,Nagpur; Baroda Museum,Baroda.

He passed away in Mumbai in 2001.

Spanning over seven decades his works ranges from as early as 1935 as to late as 2001, just a few months before his demise.
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